Mozilla has released a new Firefox (variant 61) across all platforms: Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. With the most recent release, Mozilla guarantees performance enhancements, safer online experience, and"attributes that allow you to perform more without even leaving the page you're on." The Firefox 61 comes just a month after the launch of Firefox 60, also is the fourth biggest upgrade of Mozilla's flagship browser at the calendar year up to now. The browser version incorporates new features, bugfixes, security fixes, and alterations to the Firefox UI.

One of the newest features in the Firefox browser, are enhanced functionality capabilities that build upon the rate gains the Firefox 57 Quantum release attracted back in November 2017. Furthermore, tab direction has received an increase in Firefox 61, allowing power users to control browser tabs effectively. Mozilla guarantees quicker switching between tabs on Windows and Linux using Firefox 61. Additionally, it has added support to permit WebExtensions to conceal tabs.

"Among the most well-known applications of browser extensions is to help users manage their receptive tabs," Matt Claypotch, a programmer and Internet platform urge at Mozilla, wrote in a blog article. "Firefox 61 ships using brand new extension APIs to assist power users use tabs powerfully."

Moreover, the preferences for customising your own homepage and fresh tab in Firefox have already been added into some new Preferences section. The preferences can also be retrieved through the gear icon on the New Tab page. Among the key highlights of the most recent release is the capability to add search engines to the Firefox browser'Search with' listing. Now you can add search engines into the address bar'Seek with' tool in the webpage activity menu when on a page that offers an OpenSearch plugin. Mozilla has made it a lot easier to discuss links from Firefox Customer Service Number to get macOS. Now you can talk about the URL of an energetic tab in the webpage actions menu at the address bar.

Another brand new feature in Firefox 61 is Tab Warming, that guarantees faster response time when switching between tabsthanks to Firefox pre-emptively loading tabs since a mouse is hovered over the tab. Additionally, users may get to the pages that they often visitquickly, as a result of some Retained Display Lists attribute. The new performance locally recalls content that's been seen before, therefore it does not have to be reloaded every time users see the website.

Furthermore, a brand new Accessibility Tools Inspector provides the capacity to founders and programmers to easily create pages for users with accessibility requirements. Eventually, for Android, the browser upgrade brings quicker scrolling"because of handling touch event listeners as inactive by default".

Additional developments in Firefox 61 contain parallel CSS parsing and TLS 1.3 support allowed bydefault. Firefox 61 additionally patches 18 safety problems, with Mozilla evaluation six of those problems as having a crucial effect. The complete changelog from Mozilla was submitted on its release notes.