The accessibility to Norton log-in brings safety features off to safeguard mobile devices and computers. Know the program to be accessed by the simplicity. You can protect programs along with folders by placing up passwords. You might not become attributing in a Norton safety variant that is free. So be certain you've got a paid access to Norton my accounts page.
But to avail the compensated services, you have to synchronize Norton my accounts on the program with the credentials related to You can't only secure information but also to restrict undesirable people to get SMS. As you personally, synchronize Norton my accounts on the cell program, you have to carry out these setting adjustments.

Setup SMS Commands passcode at Norton Mobile Security

1. Lunch Norton cellular program and perform Norton login
2. From the Primary interface, tap on the menu icon and then go to Settings
3. Beneath the Anti-theft segment, reverse to SMS controls, tap the slider button to switch the setting

  • If You Don't see SMS Commands alternative, scroll down on the page and You'll find it

1. Sort the 2-digit SMS passcode of your apparatus that you make for sending Anti-Theft SMS controls
2. Harness NEXT then press OK button
3. Be sure to set a cell lock password

Now you may visit the SMS box, then you'll have to go into. On a contrary, you have to tap the slider to switch the attributes off.
If you cannot create the changes, ensure your Norton account is busy or you could telephone our technician should you face any kind of problem on your Norton Antivirus merchandise. If you have any problem regarding your product key then do get in touch with our expert technician. Who will help you to solve your issue quickly.