AVG Antivirus is one of the most effective free antivirus programs although the top apps will not operate unless it is set up properly. Employing AVG Antivirus Free 2015, we will demonstrate how you can personalize and customize its own settings to be sure that you're properly protected.

The default options in AVG Antivirus Free 2015 are great, but they just cover overall settings. It is very important to customize configurations to set up the very best security possible.

1. Open Preferences

The port of AVG Antivirus Free 2015 uses big icons to readily display forms of security. However, what you want to start out is the advanced settings.

2. Adjust antivirus

  • From the abandoned Settings menu, then click on Antivirus. This will load choices for your Shield, which monitors desktop activities .
  • The main settings are already triggered, but include the Report improved set of possibly unwanted programs alternative. This adds yet another level of safety by viewing for damaging programs. Some examples are internet browser toolbars or concealed apps installed together with different applications.
  • You do not have to trigger Permit through scanning since it might warn AVG about obsolete applications that is not dangerous anymore. If you install upgrades to all of your apps, you do not necessarily have to lift your security level.
  • But if you are using Windows XP or have not installed upgrades, this choice can be helpful.
  • You do not need to be concerned about the settings found under Professional Settings. In the event you decide to Scan all documents , AVG can attempt to scan files on your whole computer.
  • This may mark files as secure so AVG does not need to rescan them. AVG will just scan when there's an alteration and conserves PC performance. E-Mail virus defense
  • Mail Protection utilizes AVG to track your email and protects it from harmful attachments. The one issue is that lots of individuals don't use an email program and want to utilize services such as Gmail.
  • In case your primary email is just accessed online, it is possible to disable the choice in Mail Scanner or dismiss it. If you are still facing any problems you can always contact AVG support number, they have professionals there that will guide you step by step.

3 Optimal configurations for email apps

  • This requires your app to link with AVG Antivirus Free 2015.
  • Ensure you've got Check incoming email checked that protects your contacts out of potential infections.
  • Change topic of virus infected messages adds ***VIRUS*** into the topic of possibly harmful emails so that you can identify them easily.
  • Report improved set of possibly unwanted programs cautions of applications which might be embedded in email attachments. Be mindful that emails are also labeled as ***VIRUS***.
  • Empower comprehensive scan will scan mails of potential harmful programs on your mails.
  • This may allow AVG look at documents with code which could tell if the documents are harmful.
  • It is important to notice while AVG can flag some mails as harmful, these emails might be secure. It is important to know who's sending you those emails because spam mails usually come from people that you do not understand.
  • Server Preferences
  • From the email app you need to prepare that the AVG email server rather than directly with the supplier.
  • You will find details of the way to do this to the AVG aid page.

4. Scan Preferences

  • You are able to define the virus scanning configurations beneath Scans/Whole Computer. Rather than AVG simply scan files as they load, this scan will appear at all of the documents on the pc.
  • Take note that some websites use monitoring cookies to remember your preferences. Should you consistently delete the monitoring cookies, you'll need to reenter your data because the website will believe you're seeing for the first time.
  • Scan within archives will hunt through compressed files such as ZIPs or RARs. You ought to get this option enabled only in case so that you don't inadvertently let a malicious file loose in your PC.
  • Empower thorough scanning ought to be enabled in case you do not know whether your pc is always current.
  • Putting AVG to scan All document types will lengthen the scanning period, but will guarantee that AVG is scanning each potential file for disease.
  1. Antivirus for removable media
  • This may allow AVG scan external flash drives as soon as they're on the computer. This is important whether you exchange USB drives with friends or join a great deal of different electronic cameras.
  • Be certain the Heal/remove virus infections without even asking me is not activated. This may cause AVG to inadvertently delete documents from external USB drives.
  • Scan within archives does not make sense as scanning outside media can Have Quite a While

6. Plan scans

  • Beneath Schedules/Scheduled Scan you need to click Permit this job . This will trigger the attribute.
  • It is advised that you conduct one scan per week. Select Run at particular intervals and decide on a time as soon as your computer is still on, but you are not performing any processing. This assists AVG operate in the background as you're not attempting to perform some work, which might slow down your PC.
  • In the event the alternative Run when pc starts up if job was missed is chosen, AVG will begin conducting the scan when the pc boots up when the scan was not able to operate. If the scan begins and you do not want it to operate, it is possible to manually pause or stop it.

7. Taskbar icon

  • If the computer is operating, you can fix the scan rate, pause the scan, or discontinue it completely.
  • Pause/Stop: Click on the icon twice and at the window select between Pause or Cease .
  • Fundamental: The scanning takes more, but does not use as many resources.
  • Quick: The scanning runs at optimum performance, and you'll find a performance reduction.

With those settings, your personal computer will be well shielded. The always-on shield will give rise to a slight decline in functionality , but it should not be evident. The profound scan by AVG should come across any harmful programs in your system.

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